WHAT IF the system as it is, with being rigged, is totally perfect as it is

Hello my dear,                                                                 What we sow so shall we reap. How a man thinketh so he is. So find your highest truth, because that is what you sow, that is who you are. I like to share this insight with you: I see what I did the last months and years, […]

Thinking out of the box and making an intention

Hello my dear,                                                                  I woke up one morning last week and there was this beautiful intention (see further on). I tried to share it with as much lightworkers as possible, but till now the persons/sites I send it to don’t respond. That’s one of the reasons why the question about having a blog triggered this […]

Ascentie en leven in een bijzondere tijd

De mensheid is de laatste 20-30 jaar massaal spiritueler geworden. Dit is niet zo verwonderlijk want we leven in een bijzondere tijd: we leven in een overgangstijd, een tijdperk van Transitie. De overgangsfase van 3D naar 5D is de verandering waarin wij mensen meer de liefdesenergie gaan ervaren. Van een 3 dimensionale wereld, met 3 […]

Evolving for the big Shift

Hello dear,                                                                         This night I woke up having horrible cramps in my lower legs. Something completely new to me, but so bad that I decided to go out of bed at 4 a.m. Thinking about facing the early morning brought me back to the change in sleeping patterns; the period that waking up at 4 […]