Hello world!

I start this blog to share my view on What is Happening NOW. In my view there is a big turmoil going on and all is perfect. Yes a big Shift is happening now. Lots of things come out in the open with which many people aren’t very happy. For many people there is turmoil and hardship. And still all is perfect. It all depends on how you receive the message. And it all happens to bring us in our highest potential. To be an active part in the big Shift.

The big Shift is the transformation of our world. An evolutionary Shift which brings us a New World. A big change in which we transform from just human beings in multidimensional beings. And although it awakens a lot of resistance, chaos, fear, uncertainty, questions, not knowing, it also brings many beautiful things. In this blog I will address these items.

For Dutch readers: you can also visit my website www.nataraj.nl and read articles there in Dutch.

For English readers: my apologies for my English, Dutch is my native language.

I hope you will enjoy what I want to share and don’t be shy to ask questions. I promise I will give you answers and use them for next blogs.

Blessings, Namasté and In L’Akech (a Mayan greeting which means: I am another you),



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