Hi, my name is Bea van Wierst, I am a Dutch woman, age 55, a lightworker, therapist, coach, trainer and working in the field of holistic health and personal development for 33 years.

I have my own company and website, called Nataraj Bewust leven met je Zelf (most of it is in Dutch).

Nataraj, the Dancing ShivaNataraj is the Dancing Shiva, for me the strongest symbol of transformation. ‘Bewust leven met je Zelf’ means ‘living consciously with your Self’. In my work I use training (workshops, classes, master classes on transformation, conscious breathing, etc.), healing, coaching and therapy.

In 2000 I have written a book about becoming/standing in your own power (‘Volkomen in je kracht staan’) and since then also many articles (about Holistic Health, Christ Consciousness, Conscious Breathing Technic / Rebirthing, The Shift, the reason/logic behind illness, etc.).

I always have been very idealistic and wanted to change many things in this world and it still makes me happy when people find or start finding themself. I’ve done a lot of surging and finding, I did many education/trainings like social work, psychology, consciousness breathing technic, the Work of Byron Katie, EFT, and many more.

Babaji in 1970

In the 80’s (and later) for several times and many months I have been with a great teacher/guru in India, Shri Haidakhan Wale Baba.

I have had a family for about 22-24 years (my twins -18- now go to college) and I have gone through ‘heavy stuff’ around health, relationships and money.

Blue Solar Storm

My hobby’s are singing, gardening and playing the piano.

My kin in the Mayan Calender is the Blue Solar Storm.

I always wish the very best for everyone,

Blessings, Namasté, In L’Akech,

Bea van Wierst


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